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Optimize existing tests or start new projects with a ready-to-use framework and zero overhead. No migrations, wiring tools or alike.
Smarter Selenium Java, Python and other languages coming soon.
Finally, a friendly Selenium webdriver



Flaky tests are a huge pain! Shield34 adds defense-and-recovery AI algorithms to every Selenium command, eliminating false positive results, driving self-healing, maintenance-free testing


Get Real-time
Root Cause

Using AI algorithms, Shield34 is automatically pinpointing the root cause of every test failure – reducing the overhead of debugging and reproducing failed tests


Dashboards & Predictive Analytics

Shield34 monitors all your test and application-under-test data points and provides automated insights and alerts. Shield34 enables you to uncover problematic trends and fix them before they break functionality in production

Smart Optimization

Dynamic, AI-based solution


Cross-browser, regression and functional testing

Quality Analysis

Test quality analysis and team performance reports

Fast Execution

Test duration minimized through timing optimizations

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Fully Automated

Fully automated SaaS offering


Integrations with the popular tools & multiple coding languages

Write faster

Write new tests x5 faster

Stops Flaky Tests

Auto Healing mechanisms - eliminate flaky tests

Friendly Setup

Easy setup & seamless configuration

Optimize Existing Tests

Automatically applies to all existing tests

Root Cause Analysis

Automatic root-cause analysis of every failure

Anomaly Detection

Pinpoint anomalies in tests and app automatically